Banque de l’Union Haitienne S.A. (BUH) is Haiti’s first private commercial bank established over 40 years ago, with strong brand-name recognition and an extensive ownership base of over 2,000 shareholders. BUH is headquartered in Port-au-Prince with a nationwide branch presence, and offers an array of banking and insurance products and services for its retail and institutional clients.

BUH has one of the most recognized credit card offerings in the market with MasterCard, a strong alliance with MoneyGram International, Inc. for money transfer services, and is partnering with among the most well respected Haitian and international financial entities to deliver even more target solutions for its customers.

As part of a Central Bank backed restructuring, BUH was acquired in 2013 by a group of prominent institutional and retail shareholders, with the intention of transforming BUH into a strong, profitable and transparent bank, operating in a banking sector in which demand for financial products continues to be strong.