Banque de l’Union Haitienne S.A. offers, through its parnership with Alternative Insurance Company (AIC), a wide variety of insurance products tailored to your needs.

Vehicle Insurance

The main purpose of an auto insurance policy is to provide financial support to face property damage and injury caused to the insured or a third party.

Excess Life

This product is designed to protect your living family or close parties in the event of death. It is designed to meet your life insurance needs in the short and long term at affordable rates. Whether you need coverage to protect against your debts, mortgage or other obligations, there is a product that can be structured for such needs.


The funeral insurance product ”Protecta” aims above all to reduce your family’s burdens of organizing and paying for a funeral following an accident or a natural death, through a network of service providers covering the major parts of the national territory.

Multi-Risk Household (Multirisque Habitation)

Home insurance covers your place of residence, but also the furniture you have (called “movable goods”), as well as your responsibility if undertaken toward third parties. The latter guarantee work for all members of your family when there is misconduct, recklessness or negligence resulting in injury to others or the property of others.

All Risks Construction (Tous Risques Chantier)

This product protects the work underway against potential property damage such as fires, explosions, floods, landslides, natural disasters, vandalism, theft and civil liability to third parties during the construction period.

Universal Life Insurance (Assurance Vie Universelle)

This type of product offers both the protection of the life insurance as well as the possibility to make investments that generate interest.