Banque de l’Union Haitienne S.A. offers, through its parnership with Alternative Insurance Company (AIC), a wide variety of insurance products tailored to your needs.

Business Multi-Risk (Multirisque Entreprise)

Business Multi-Risk Insurance is a solution that allows you, with a single contract, to ensure all the assets of the company, its premises, materials and equipment, liability to third parties and its financial results when a disaster slows down the activity.


Health insurance allows a person to be insured to counter financial risks in case of sickness, maternity or disability. Health insurance also provides a minimum income when the disease deprives a person of work.

Construction Equipment Insurance (Assurance Engins de Chantier)

Insurance Construction Site is designed to protect your site equipment during its use as a working tool as well as during movement in the case of automotive machines. It also protects your business and ensures your civil liability against accidental damage that such equipment could cause.